Everything Under the Son Carpet Ckeaning does the best job that I have ever experienced. They do an excellent job in cleaning everything from stains to odors in your carpet, unlike other companies that you pay a lot of money for and when they leave, you still have stains and odors. I will never let anybody but this company clean my carpets again. Nick is very professional at what he does and since they are truckmounted, they do an excellent job!!! Love you guys!!!
Everything Under the Son Carpet Cleaning is the best of the best. I'm so glad that I chose Nicholas to do my carpets. He has truck mounted equipment which is the only way to go. He did an excellent job on getting stains out of my carpets that other companies were not able to. Will definitely call Everything Under the Son for my next carpet cleaning job.
This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. On the phone I advised I needed regrouting and caulking. I was told when the technician arrived he would measure the square footage and price accordingly but it would probably run around $250.00. The tech was over an hour late. Totally confused. Thought he was at my house to clean the vents. Said he was going with the price quoted over the phone and did not measure the floor. Then I found out he didn't have any caulk. He basically cleaned my floor for $250.00. The grout doesn't look any different. When he was leaving I said aren't you going to fix the grout and he said you signed the invoice for cleaning only and ran out of the door. Couldn't charge me and run out fast enough. A total scam. Never use this company EVER!!!!!
These guys ripped us off and would not even come out to see the damages they caused to our baseboards and tile. Very dishonest when we were more than willing to work with them.
Nick and Angela are extremely nice and professional. They arrived right on time and did an excellent job.
I called and spoke to Angela one of the owners, as I was at wit ends, my carpet was soiled with dog urine pet stain, and was about to lose my rent deposit as the owners wanted to replace the carpet thanks to Angela,I was able to not only get the stain out and smell but get my deposit money's back m. they are the best carpet cleaning company and know their business thank you Angela for the great job you do and great advice. I highly recommend them
Booked them last minute (think; 4 hours ahead) and they came even though it was late (8:30). We had kids food stains as well as pretty high traffic area stains (many from whoever lived in the apartment prior to us). Took them 15 minutes & the carpet looks amazing. Wish I'd taken before & after pics. Side note: we were scrambling last minute to get the last few items out of the apartment & they even helped us load our car. Above and beyond.